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Nine Worlds Zirconia Ceramic Ring with CZ

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Nine Worlds

The name originated from Norse mythology,where the universes are unified in a world tree called Yggdrasil.According to the legends,there are nine different realms of world inside the branches of Yggdrasil.

Nine Worlds’ name symbolize the brand identity,it’s a universal product,with endless possibilities of designs and materials.

The Material:

-Zirconia Ceramic

Zirconia is virtually unscratchable, will never change color or rust and safe from any allergic issues, able to resist heat over 2000 celcius degrees. Zirconia is a natural crystalline oxide, compacted as  jewelry base material due to the amazing perks of this material. It’s entirely different from a normal ceramic material, which is brittle and easy to break.

-CZ crystal

Cubic Zirconia crystal is a different approach of generating Zirconia crystalline oxide to form a diamond-like shape and pattern. It’s much stronger than Swarovski( est. hardness scale of 6 )  and much similar by the characteristic to a natural Diamond.


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