How can i get the correct size of my SORCERY Bracelet?

How to measure size :
1. Measure your wrist precisely from 0 to the exact size of your wrist.
2. We suggest you to add 1cm for a well-fitted size or add 2cm to have a loosy look of your bracelet.

How can i get the correct size of my Nine Worlds ring?

How to measure ring size :
1. Measure your finger precisely from 0 to the exact size of your finger with the measurement tape.
2. Do not add or make loose of your measurement, it will not be accurate if you loosen it.

Is it true that Nine Worlds ring is unscratchable and unbreakable ?

for the ring with Tungsten Carbide and Zirconia Ceramic material, it is true that the ring will be almost unscratchable ( will be scratched by diamond, even though it is almost impossible to be happened ) and no ring is unbreakable, it is a huge misunderstanding, please do not try to destroy the ring.

Are there are replica / AAA / copy grade products in this website?

No, we only sell original and authentic products.

What about wholesale or becoming resellers our DESTINY's product?

Contact us directly,go to the CONTACT US section, our marketing will reach you as soon as possible for further information.

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes,DESTINY ship worldwide,any countries and regions.

Are there any physical store? i want to visit the store

Yes, We are available at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 2nd floor Skybridge area – Jakarta and Pakuwon Mall Ground floor – Surabaya.